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DS188 Upgraded Style Gun Pockets, Hidden 10'' Gun Metal Zipper, Side

DS188 Upgraded Style Gun Pockets, Hidden 10'' Gun Metal Zipper, Side

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Finding the right vest can keep you comfortable on the road, protect you from the wind and sun and help you carry your gun wherever you go. Our concealed carry vests have reinforced shoulders for better concealment. This men's gun pocket motorcycle vest with side zippers is adjustable, with a customizable single-panel back.

The gun pockets are made from durable textile and contain built-in holsters and snap closures. These pockets are located between the snap closures for easy access. The hidden zipper protects against wind and rain, while the snaps offer an extra layer of security.

Men's Gun Pocket Biker Vest Features

This vest style includes:

  • Two exterior chest pockets.
  • Two zipper hand pockets.
  • A stylish scoop-neck collar.
  • Heavy-duty snaps and zippers.

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